Cathy Marston | Choreographer Artistic Director
Traces / 2001


Premiere: Royal Ballet dancers, Clore Studio Upstairs, Royal Opera House, February 2001.

Music: Yann Tierson

Costumes: Ben Meyer

Light: Simon Bennison

Cast: 9 (variable)

Length: 30mins approx

“Marston’s Traces was pure heaven from start to finish. Each moment of unrequited love, confusion, friendship, subtle humour and tension exquisitely evolved in a superb display of fluid, dynamic choreography.”
Dance Europe, 2001

“The mixture of emotional and kinetic interest maintains a shifting but continuous balance…complex and always rewarding, left me wanting to see it again quickly. Traces deserves to be shown to wider audiences. More, please.”
The Independent, 2001

“Marston’s quicksilver choreography exploits the dancers’ personal qualities, intercutting them like characters in a mini-series.”
The Observer, 2001

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