Cathy Marston | Choreographer Artistic Director
8 / 2022

Of Mice and Men

Inspired by the novel by John Steinbeck

World Premiere: 27th April 2022 for Joffrey Ballet at the Lyric Opera House, Chicago, US.

Choreography: Cathy Marston

Music: Thomas Newman (new commission)

Set/Light: Lorenzo Savoini

Costumes: Bregje van Balen

Scenario: Edward Kemp and Cathy Marston

Length: 54 mins

Cast: 20 (6 female roles / 14 male roles)


‘From the score to the costuming the work was simple, yet intensely profound. Marston’s ballet takes quick-witted George and loyal Lennie from Steinbeck’s 1937 novel and expands it beyond the words originally written… Choreographically speaking, “Of Mice and Men'' allowed the company to utilize the traditional ballet technique they so expertly showed off in “Serenade” while also toying with a more playful, contemporary side. Intricate floorwork, suspended inversions, and complex partnerwork were sprinkled throughout the piece and performed expertly by the male-dominated cast… As the curtain closed, I sat in my seat with an undeniable sense of satisfaction.’
Seeing Dance Chicago

‘Based on the 1937 novella by John Steinbeck, with scenario by Marston and Edward Kemp, music by Thomas Newman, lighting and scenic design by Lorenzo Savoini, and costume design by Bregje van Balen, Marston’s ballet tells its story tersely, with great legibility and intensity.’

Insight into the creation:

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