Cathy Marston | Choreographer Artistic Director
Facing Viv / 2002

Facing Viv

Premiere: English National Ballet, UK tour. 2002

Inspired by the relationship of TS Elliot and his first wife, Vivien.

Music: John Adams, Gnarly Buttons

Set and Costumes: Anthony Lamble

Cast: 6

Length: 20mins approx

“Marston is a fast rising star of British choreography. (Her) choreography is characterised by the deployment of the whole body to express an idea; she uses the neck, abdominals and back the way most choreographers use arms and legs. Marston’s debut for English National Ballet is an emotional holocaust, which deserves a larger stage and wider audience.”
Dance International 2002

“…Woven with wrested emotions, the dance is physical, intense and performed with total confidence.”
Dance Europe, 2003

“Cathy Marston’s dance pokes balletic G-spots!…An electric flow-chart, lush and atmospheric, it’s dancerly absinthe…”
QX International, 2003

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