Cathy Marston | Choreographer Artistic Director
Dividing Silence / 2004

Dividing Silence

Premiere: Northern Ballet Theatre, Grand Theatre Leeds. May 2004

Music: Martinu – Double Concerto

Set and Costumes: Jean-Marc Puissant

Cast: 12

Length: 25 mins approx

“Craft at full throttle…Marston’s most significant creation to date, (she) has raised her customary kinetic intelligence to a new level of sophistication… Dividing Silence is a firing-on-all-cylinders dramatic abstraction with a built in tension between clarity and complexity…this dance generates an intellectual buzz”
Dance Europe, 2004

“She is one of the hottest young choreographers around... now Marston has come up with an important new abstract work for Northern Ballet Theatre. An epic of pure dance and an exultant kaleidoscope of moves, Dividing Silence is a finely crafted piece for six couples that shows Marston's gift for sculpting the human form into incredible shapes.”
The Guardian 2004

To view a video of the complete work please contact Cathy Marston to request a private link.

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