Cathy Marston | Choreographer Artistic Director
Dangerous Liaisons / 2017

Dangerous Liaisons

A multi-form collaboration between the Danish Royal Ballet and the drama ensemble of the Royal Theatre this work is a fresh portrayal of this classic novel by Pierre Choderlos De Laclos.

Premiere: 27th May 2017, Royal Danish Ballet/Theatre, The Playhouse, Copenhagen

Choreographer/Director: Cathy Marston

Writer/Associate Director: Edward Kemp

Composer: Jesper Melchlenberg

Designer: Steffen Aaffing

Actors: Marie Dalsgaard and Mads Rømer Brolin-Tani

Dancers: 15 dancers of the Royal Danish Ballet

"How wonderful to experience that The (Danish) Royal Ballet can and dares to go new ways, especially when it turns out to be extremely successful. The newest example of this is the newly-choreographed and very sophisticated version of the world class "Dangerous Relationships", transformed into a ballet, in interaction with two actors… a convincing and brilliant mix of drama and ballet. The acclaimed choreographer Cathy Marston is behind the visionary and bold production…(her) intense choreography goes straight home, in perfect interplay with Jesper Mechlenburgs newly composed and irresistible music. All in all, the performance is an obvious opportunity to see something new – or maybe watch a ballet for the first time."
Dagbladet Børsen

"Marston’s choreography is marvellously clear in it’s seductive attitudes and expressions, utilising the dramatic skills of the RDB’s dancers to the utmost."
Dancing Times

"Frankly, Marston has never seemed freer, more inventive and completely in command of her material, with each character and scene intelligently and finely drawn…It is compelling theatre, with each art form given space to develop o its own terms, while provoking the other to further invention."
Dance Europe

"I was again struck by just how effortlessly a story can be communicated and emotions laid bare by ballet – it was a triumph…Although sexual control and conquest is at the core of Dangerous Liaisons and it features some of the most memorable and blisteringly charged duets I’ve ever seen, what I like is the fractured way it is all told with layers of interest on stage."

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