Cathy Marston | Choreographer Artistic Director


Cathy is a certified Relational Dynamic coach

What is it?

One-to-one sessions in which the coach assists the coachee in their approach to ‘life’ or ‘professional’ goals. The content/goals are brought by the coachee. Assistance from the coach is offered through a structured thought process, open questions and reflection. The coach rarely gives advice; on the occasions that this happens it is a suggestion offered with a ‘light touch’ and by no means a recommendation.

The emphasis of the work is positive and future-orientated. Sessions often, although not always, conclude with action(s) that the coachee might commit to make within a self-imposed time frame.

All content to each session is brought by the coachee; the coach is responsible for the frame of the session.


All content of the session is confidential unless the coach has reason to believe the coachee will harm themselves or others, in which case this information will be shared with relevant parties.


Cathy Marston is based in Bern, Switzerland and London, UK. She is often travelling and so sessions can be arranged both face to face but also by phone/skype. Both methods are effective and have different advantages.

How to give it a go?

Please contact Cathy through the contact page of this site for more information and pricing.

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