Cathy Marston | Choreographer Artistic Director

Choreography 2012

Hunting Me

Hunting Me 2012

World Premiere (40mins)

Evening: Lions Tigers and Women (a double bill)

Performed by: the Bern Ballett and Pamela Mendez Band

Choreography: Cathy Marston

Music: Pamela Mendez, Elliah Reichen, Simon Jaeggi

Set: Stefanie Liniger

Costumes: Dorothee Brodrueck

Light: Laurent Junod

“When a specific life is used as the inspiration for choreography and text based songs for the score, movement runs the risk of perpetuating a linear narrative that exists outside corporeal realms. No such thing happens with Cathy Marston’s fantastic and most recent work, Hunting Me…at first it seems like a risky proposition to place a rock band centre with the ensemble of fourteen to the sides, but it pays off with strange and compelling results. Eye and ear are attuned to the band, but by creating an atmosphere of physical exploration the choreography engages a sixth sense. Because of the strong collaborative force between dancers and musicians, an unconventional atmosphere builds – otherworldly but oddly accessible.”
Ballet Now magazine

Persisting Memory

Persisting Memory 2012

World Premiere (25mins)

Performed by: the Hong Academy of Performing Arts

Choreography: Cathy Marston

Music: Henryk Gorecki

Length: 25mins approx

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