Cathy Marston | Choreographer Artistic Director

Choreography 2006


Premiere: The Place Prize, The Place, London. September 2006

Music: Dave Maric

Costumes: Jon Bausor

Light: Simon Bennison

Cast: 2 (Charlotte Broom and Dylan Elmore)

Length: 15mins

“Marston has a tremendous gift to speak to an audience through the interaction of two bodies and there were inventive and fascinating movements in her pas de deux.” (Graham Watts) September 2006


Premiere: The Cathy Marston Project, Hall for Cornwall, August 2006

Music: Dave Maric – specially commissioned.

Costumes: Bora Aksu

Light: Simon Bennison

Cast: 7

Length: 20mins

“To plangent but powerful music by Dave Maric accompanying dancers and relationships madly tripping over each other, Marston somehow mixes the despair and passion where dance comes from.” (Jeffery Taylor) October 2006


Premiere: The Cathy Marston Project, Trafalgar Square, London. July 2006

Music: Nina Simone

Cast: 6

Length: 15 mins approx


Premiere: Bamburgh Castle, UK, May 2006

A site-specific commission by Dance City performed outdoors.

Music: Dave Maric – specially commissioned for choir, solo singer, saxophone, percussion and Northumbrian bagpipes.

Stage and Costumes: Patrick Burnier

Cast: 3 dancers and 1 singer, choir

Length: 40 mins approx

Cathy’s latest piece of magic was set in the dunes by Bamburgh Castle…intertwining bodies were liberating and spell-binding, replicating the ever changing forces of nature.
Northern Press, 2005

El Dorado

Premiere: Danza Contemporanea de Cuba, Havana, April 2006

Music: John Adams – El Dorado

Cast: 16 approx

Length: 30min approx

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