Cathy Marston | Choreographer Artistic Director

Choreography 1994-2000


Premiere: National Youth Dance Company, UK tour, 2000.

Music: Bach to Africa

Cast: 12

Length: 17mins

Tango Nuevo

Premiere: Royal Ballet Education Department, UK Schools tour, 1999

Music: Astor Piazolla

Cast: 1 dancer with musicians

My Angel

Premiere: Luzern Ballet dancers, Luzern, Switzerland, 1999

Music: Astor Piazolla

Cast: 10


Premiere: The Royal Ballet, Dancebites tour, UK. 1999

Music: Peter Sculthorpe – Port Essington

Set and Costumes: Tatyana Van Walsum

Light: John B Read

Cast: 6

Length: 18mins

“Against the run of the tide…The biggest risk taker is Cathy Marston, who returns to Dance Bites for the third year in a row. She gives us Tidelines, a meditative piece that wears its intellectual genius with pride (…) Marston produces a staggeringly beautiful and sensually pungent pas de deux that gives the ballet an unforgettable punch line.”
The Sunday Times 1999

Words Apart

Premiere: The Royal Ballet, Dancebites tour, UK. 1998

Music: Dylan Newcombe – specially commissioned

Set and Costumes: Paul Andrews

Cast: 12

Length: 17mins

“…contrast of form and dynamic movement and stillness, spark off blazing, original images. The group patterns share Forsythe's rule-breaking asymmetries and are startlingly graphic, yet, the actual movement vocabulary in say, the pas de deux for Deborah Bull and Christopher Saunders, is very much Marston’s own, merging fluidity with off-kilter shapes that push the furthest boundaries.”
The Sunday Times 1998

Figure in Progress

Premiere: The Royal Ballet, Dancebites tour, UK. 1997

Music: Shostakovich preludes and fugues / Fabienne Audeoud special commission

Set and Costumes: Tatyana Van Walsum

Cast: 4

Length: 17mins

Les Feuilles Mortes

Premiere: Usurla Moreton Choreographic Competition, Royal Ballet School, 1994. National Youth Dance Company 1995.

Music: Ute Lemper

Cast: 2

Length: 5mins

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